About Rhythm.Market

Hello! Thanks for joining us!

Why create/use this platform?
The rhythm game economy currently consists of several loose groups mostly based on centralized platforms like Discord and Facebook. Posting, checking, and tuning formatting across these platforms creates extra work for buyers and sellers alike. Being banned from these sites or having posts automatically flagged for spam is not just common; it’s practically an inevitability, and with no avenue for appeal, these limitations can disenfranchise users for days, weeks, or even months. And, of course, their search functions are terrible. (And you can’t even find listings on there via Google!) A small, self-hosted forum with reachable staff and a specific targeted purpose alleviates these problems and lets rhythm game players do what they do best: spend their money on more things.

I’m sold. Where do I start?
First and foremost, please read our rules. They’re short and won’t take long to read, but they’re very important for helping ensure a safe and productive trading environment. After that, all you need to do is register and start posting!