Official KONAMI PCBs/parts for cheap!

Pics at bottom of post!

2x 1x REFLEC BEAT PCBs, with dongles if you need
2x 1x ADE-704A motherboards for reflec beat, jubeat, DDR white cab, pop’n 23+ HD cab
2x P4IOs, for reflec beat, jubeat, DDR white cab, possibly more
2x COSEL LGA150 PSUs for jubeat, possibly more
1x COSEL LGA100 PSUs for reflec beat, possibly more
2x 40GB Intel SSDs, great as a spare or new drive for any game

Need or want them? Reply here ASAP and we’ll work out a good price. Sample costs:
PCB: $120
Mobo: $60
P4IO: $40
PSU: $25
SSD: $10

Shipping not included, but I can ship internationally – low cost for everything but the PCBs

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