Snow Phoenix Cabinet Orders

Hi this is Abi and I’ll be sorting this post out better in the future. I should be keeping this post up to date through the summer when I anticipate being able to work at a faster clip than I had been able to after recovering from covid things.

My location is in Canton, OH 44707 and all deliveries are priced to my warehouse. Shipping from me to you will need to be arranged upon arrival. Pickup is free, and I do have a loading dock.

Currently available at the warehouse:
New Net City (no pcb): $1500
Lindbergh (with 1440p monitor upgrade, no pcb): $2000
RingEdge 2 PCB: $250

Currently shipping from Japan:
Groove Coaster: $2250
Chunithm: $3000
SDVX: $2500

You can reach me by email at either or If I don’t answer, bother I realize I have been horrible at communication especially since 2020 and am in the process of getting that in a better position. Thanks for your understanding.

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