[SOLD] DDR K-Cab with Restored Pads

Hello everyone!

I’m looking to sell this complete DDR K-Cab. Looking for $5,000 or best offer. I picked it up from a closing local arcade in my hometown a while ago. Since then, I’ve been refurbishing it whenever I visit.


  • All metal parts have been taken apart, powder-coated in white, and put back together.
  • The majority of the screws have been replaced with new screws.
  • Left side has new arrow plexis, right side has used plexis with some visible scrapes in the vinyl.
    • I can also provide the used arrow plexis from the left side if requested.
  • All CCFL pad lighting was replaced with LEDs.
  • All casters have been replaced with brand-new ones.
  • Seven floor levelers have been replaced with brand new ones.
    • The eighth floor leveler cannot be mounted due to a broken screw hole that I didn’t notice until after powder-coating (see pictures).
  • All L-brackets have printed screw guides and have been modded to the best of my ability.
  • Any bad sensors have been replaced with new ones; there are also 3 more spares.
  • 1P is fully countersunk on all panels and triangle brackets.
  • 2P is NOT countersunk, but all screws and triangle brackets are present.
  • Pad umbilical is brand new.


  • I have made my best effort to clean the outside and inside of the cab, but no other restoration has been performed on the cab.
  • All of the needed hardware to run with the 573 is present.
  • 573 boots and plays well with its newly burned Extreme Pro disc.
  • Power supplies have been either replaced or calibrated to proper voltages.
    • I also have an additional power supply you can take, just in case.
  • Screen has very minor burn-in with the credits text, only noticeable when on a white screen. (See pictures)
  • Lower-right marquee light is burnt-out.
  • Right-side marquee speaker is not working.
  • 1P right and all 2P button lights do not light up.
  • There’s some noticeable rusting on the front doors.
    • I have a replacement for these front doors if you want them.

The cab is located in Wichita Falls, TX. I leave it up to the buyer to coordinate pickup/shipping arrangements.

Let me know if you’d like more information!

EDIT: More pictures added of the cab by request. Big thanks to my tech-challenged parents for managing to take these! :joy:

EDIT 2: After a walkthrough, I was successfully able to get my parents to take a video of the cab in action: DDR K-Cab Attract Play - YouTube. I definitely owe them now! :rofl:

EDIT 3: Major cab issues have all been fixed. Additionally, I was able to get my dad to film me playing for a bit to show how well the pads work:

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I actually dig the white pads. That cab looks so clean. :open_mouth:


Funny story, white was the only color our local powder-coater would do. :sweat_smile: Worked out well, though!

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MARCH UPDATE: I was able to go home for my Mom’s 70th birthday, and while I was there I finished fixing up the 573. The cab went through 5 full three-song cycles without any crashes or freezing with its new drive and Extreme Pro disc.

As it was a common request, I managed to convince my Dad to film me playing on the cab. Considering how I normally play, I think I did alright. :sweat_smile:

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