WTS: Imported DDR Cabinet Individual Parts (Dragon PCB, E-Amuse Readers, EXT-IO, etc.)

Selling hard to come by components from my imported cabinet. Let me know what you’re interested in. More pictures available upon request. Prices aren’t firm; don’t hesitate to offer me what you’re willing to pay, but just know that I’ll be accepting the highest and best offers.

  • SOLD $1500 Dragon BemaniPC
  • SOLD $800 Pair of DDR Supernova E-Amusement Card Readers w/ Wave Pass and Mounting
  • SOLD $400 EXT-IO for Bemani PC
  • SOLD $50 Official Network/Serial Plate w/ cables (attaches to the back of the cabinet. It houses the ethernet and e-amuse plugs)Hardware
  • AVAILABLE $375 DDR X Front Panel with USB Ports
  • AVAILABLE $300 DDR 2013 Marquee (holographic seal was removed by the importer prior to its shipment to the US)
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