WTS: Pop'n Music Playstation Arcade Style Controller $175 Free Shipping

Selling my official Konami Pop’n Music Arcade Style Controller for PSX/PS2. Recently bought the controller from a highly rated Japanese Ebay seller. The controller was described as fully working. It arrived with two of the buttons (left side green and left side white) not registering unless fully compressed (in other words, they were not sensitive enough to play normally without getting a bunch of misses). I believe the only issue is that the micro switches need to be swapped out, but I’m not 100% positive because I’m not an expert in these things. I was told these controllers can have issues with the foam between the pad and the switch, in which case you’d want to add or replace the foam with foam or cardboard (although I don’t see any foam on them currently…maybe that’s the issue?)

This is the current state of how it plays:

LEFT WHITE: Not responding
LEFT YELLOW: Somewhat responsive
LEFT BLUE: Highly responsive
LEFT GREEN: Not responding (will need to be soldered back on to switch as I took it off thinking I’d get a head start on replacing the switch, then changed my mind and didn’t buy any replacement switches)
RED: Highly responsive
RIGHT GREEN: Highly responsive
RIGHT BLUE: Highly responsive
RIGHT YELLOW: Highly responsive
RIGHT WHITE: Highly responsive

The actual buttons themselves look nice (no cracks or significant scratches) and the case is in really good shape. I’m selling it because I don’t want to bother with figuring out how to fix the buttons and realized I don’t have much time to play pop’n anyhow.

Asking $175 with free shipping for addresses located in continental U.S. Will ship from California, zip code 93704.

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