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Here at YubiParts, we supply only the best parts and controllers for your rhythm gaming needs! We’ve got jubeat parts! We’ve got Sound Voltex parts! We even have the best Project DIVA controller! We pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service and our offerings of the highest quality products around.

Our lineup:


  • jubeat rubbers - our signature product! The small rubber pieces on the corner of each button that give each press its tactile feel.
  • Button PCBs - the parts that sense each press. Often the culprit of misfires or dead corners.
  • Acrylic Buttons - the clear part you see through and press. Replace these to make your cabinet sparkle like new.
  • Festive Reproduction Marquee - give your cabinet a brand-new taste of summer with these reproduction marquees!
  • P4IO Upgrade Board for the FB9 Controller - the FB9’s stock I/O board leaves much to be desired, to put it lightly. This replacement fixes its problems and adds support for the original I/O protocol that the arcade mixes use!

Sound Voltex

  • TLE1-618-5W Torque Limiters - the part that controls the amount of strength required to turn the knobs. This is the original part used by the factory!
  • Resin Washers - the part helps protect the rest of the assembly from wear. If your knob feels like it’s rubbing against something, or if it can be moved up and down, you need new washers!

Project DIVA

  • ZhouSensor DIVA Pro - by far the best Project DIVA arcade-style controller available! Features adjustable sensitivity, sturdy build quality, and an absolutely beautiful design.

All parts ship from New York, USA. The DIVA Pro ships from Shenzhen.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have! Make sure to join our Discord for the latest updates!

jubeat button PCBs and P4IO upgrade boards now back in stock!

Lots of great new stuff now available at YubiParts!

Controllers: Introducing the ZhouSensor x GENBU YubiDeck, the ultimate in touch slider controllers! Featuring a slider far better in quality than any other controller (or even the arcade machine), a built-in card reader, height adjustment, open-source I/O DLLs, and more! Read all about it and purchase at YubiDeck - Touch Controller for SUSPlayer, Qnithm, Seaurchin, and more – YubiParts
Only 3 available for international sale in this batch, so be quick! And read a review written by GE0RGE, a high-level UK chunithm player whom some of you may know: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0568/4704/0699/files/YubiDeck_Review.pdf

(Please excuse the product photos being a tad rough around the edges!)

Parts: We now have the OEM bushings for Sound Voltex cabinets in stock! Grab them at fantastic prices with a minimum quantity of just 2! Oiles 80F-0603 80F-0803 Bushings for SDVX/Sound Voltex Arcade Knobs – YubiParts

jubeat acrylic buttons are back in stock, but we only have 12 remaining! Act quick: jubeat Arcade and FB9 Acrylic Button Replacement Part – YubiParts

We still have plenty of repro festo marquees available, just in time for summer! jubeat Festive Reproduction Marquee – YubiParts

Accessories: Our widely* anticipated gloves are now available for purchase in packs of 5! Get the best (and only!) rhythm gaming gloves on the market! Tested and working with WACCA, CHUNITHM, maimai, and more! Cotton Touchscreen Winter Gloves for Rhythm Games (5x Pairs) – YubiParts

*I like to think they are, at least…

Restocks, parts, price cuts, updates and more!


Rubbers for jubeat and acrylic buttons have just been massively restocked – buy them today and feel (and see!) the difference in your panel!

New Parts

We now offer replacements for the 22G BIOS chip found in System 573 PCs (for Dance Dance Revolution Extreme, etc.). These are original chips, and a significantly better solution than the modboard found in most imported machines. Grab them today at yubiparts.com!

Price cuts

These parts and accessories won’t last with prices this low, so get them now!


  • We’re working as hard as we can to restock DIVA Pro controllers again! We can’t give an exact date just yet, but hang tight: they’re coming soon!
  • YubiParts will be taking a short break from sales between August 24th and September 9th. During that time, we will not be accepting new orders. (We will, however, be shipping orders received before that date.) We appreciate your support and patience and will be back on September 10th!

Very exciting new stuff at YubiParts!

First: we now sell custom e-AMUSEMENT passes! Get them printed with your arcade logo or other design for under $3 per card and watch the sales roll in! They work on real, official e-AMUSEMENT as well as near every private network under the sun for any game!

Second: just want a new pass to add to your collection? Thanks to recent advances in the YubiParts budget, we’ve printed 100 of these, for some reason: Funny Hatsune Miku e-AMUSEMENT Compatible Card "SHUT UP" | eBay