[SOLD] WTS: Arcaea Sound Collection CDs (Memories of Light/Conflict)

EDIT: Everything has been sold out! Thank you very much for helping my friend out with their funds. Enjoy the CDs!

A friend of mine is in a rough spot regarding some funds and was willing to sell off some of their unused Arcaea Sound Collection CDs. They got a lot of them due to a mishap with Diverse Direct and have since then been gathering dust, with the codes waiting to expire. I’m posting this for their sake because they’re unable to. All codes are unused and redeemable until October this year.

The CD prices are as follows:

  • $13 for 1 CD
  • $17 for a set of both!

As of now the stock is as following:

  • All gone!

You can check out photos of the CDs here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

The CDs will be shipped from NJ - USA, will cost $5 to ship and preferably will want to be shipped from inside the US. International postage is possible, but maybe expensive, so be aware if wanting to purchase the CDs internationally!

Thank you in advance!


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