WTS: REFLEC BEAT ADE-704 PCBs (parts usable on other games!)

I have three REFLEC BEAT PCBs in stock to sell! These are all tested and working. Stick them in your REFLEC BEAT cabinet, or use the parts for jubeat and some versions of pop’n and DDR! Parts in this cabinet also work for older Sound Voltex and IIDX cabinets.

Full PC: $120 $110!


  • Motherboard: $70 $65! Can be used as a drop-in replacement for jubeat, and for certain pop’n music PCs as well as DDR white cabs.
  • P4IO (Python 4 I/O Board): $45 $40! Same uses as above!
  • Power supply: $25! Same uses as above, and potentially other cabinets! Check the pictures to see if it’s the same one, or just ask!
  • Case: $20! Pretty much only usable for REFLEC.
  • Drive: $15! Will come stock with encrypted data of any given datecode.


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