WTS: Yuancon SDVX (2020 and 2021)

1 Yuancon March 2020 Batch with stock buttons (chinese)/springs (60g)/switches (25g Omron)
inlcuding a Roxy replacement board, updated to latest firmware (shipping in ASC Spoof config)
Original allen key and USB-A to USB-C cable included

Price: $175 + Shipping

1 Yuancon 12 (aka 2021 Batch) with SANWA buttons/20g springs/100g Omron switches
stock board, updated to latest firmware
Original allen key, screwdriver (though I recommend you use your own), USB-A to USB-C cable and replacement USB-C port included.

Price $275+ Shipping

Both of them are shipping from Europe (Austria). Shipping to US should end up as roughly $40, details can be discussed.
On request I can include one set of 6 25g switches or 50g switches, I only have one set of each!
For the 2021 (aka. sanwa) I can include extra sets of 10 springs, either 60g, 100g or both.

Message either here or on Discord under: Notacat#1423

Posting pictures separately since as a new user I can’t put them both in :stuck_out_tongue:



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